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You Are Stronger Than You Think! ....NEVER give up! 
You are an OVERCOMER!


My primary focus is to help you build lean tone while losing body fat thru exercise & meal planning.

As a Physique competitor I practice what I preach w/ my clients!  From age to gender, I've been privileged to help all types of people! To those who have overcome injuries, to being overweight & out of shape, to needing accountability w/ eating & exercise, to accomplishing specific nutrition & training goals - I have the experience & "know how" to meet you where you are at while achieving your goals thru the application of a safe & well planned fitness program.
....Here are just a few of my wonderful client's success stories!


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Martha:  "At 35 years old I'm in the best shape of my life!"

62 year old Bev when she first started and 4 1/2 months later after losing 25 lbs and 22 inches!

In 6 months Emily has lost over 20 pounds and 11 total inches!

Martha A - Since my daughter was born 9 years ago, it's been a huge struggle to lose weight. I'm sure many moms can relate. I knew I had to get my body into shape. So, I did tons of cardio and rewarded myself with food. I didn't know any better. I felt frustrated because I never saw any results. It wasn't until my brother Ray, an avid weight trainer for many, many years introduced me and my Swolemate Selene to train with weights and clean eating 1.5 years ago. Immediately, I started seeing the fat melt. He put us on a strict diet and drinking a gallon of water a day and voila 3 months later I lost 20lbs. We then hired Andie Morisse, a fabulous trophy winning bodybuilder/personal trainer, who taught us everything we now know about weight training, meal planning, and proper form. I remember, in the beginning, I would shake carrying a 45lb barbell on my shoulders! Today, I'm easily squatting 150lbs. It's been tough, no doubt. But totally worth it. At 35 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life.

Katelyn R
-  "To date I've lost over 40 lbs, 26 inches and dropped my bodyfat by 12%!  I started working with Andie back in October of 2012. Then I was 40lbs overweight and completely out of shape. I had never been to a personal trainer before, and I can tell you at first I was terrified. However, once I met Andie she totally put me at ease and totally changed my perception on personal trainers. Andie cares about her clients and pushes you to be the best YOU possible. I'm now down 35lbs, almost to my goal weight, and have toned up all over.

People I haven't seen in months have been complimenting me and asking how I was able to lose so much weight and tone up, and my answer is always Andie! Without her I'd probably be lost in some mainstream gym with no clue as to what I was doing. Andie provides you with a reasonable meal plan, which will surprisingly become your normal lifestyle, and pushes you to your maximum potential on every visit. She is extremely knowledgeable in weight training and food portioning. Her system allows you to lose the inches and weight in a healthy way so that you're not starving or denying yourself of some guilty pleasures. Not only will you develop new habits, but you'll take care of yourself in a way you never thought possible.

I can honestly say that working with Andie has changed my life in more ways than one and all for the better. So, if you're truly looking to change your ways, get in shape and become the best YOU possible then DEFINITELY go to Andie. Trust me, you won't regret it."

Emily F. - "I have been working with Andie since September 2013 and I have loved every second of it! I started going to her after gaining about 30 pounds due to being on a medication. I was very frustrated and lacked the motivation to get back in shape. Andie has helped me lose over 20 pounds and 11 total inches! Andie is a trainer that is the perfect balance between staying positive but also pushing you to keep working to get to the next level. She is a great motivator and person to have in your life in and out of the gym!"

Courtney E - "Andie is an amazing trainer!! I knew she was a perfect fit after our first session. She really cares about you as an individual and helping you meet your personal goals. Andie is very motivating and encouraging both in and out of the gym. She has been very helpful in making sure that I am keeping proper form and adjusts my workout according to my body. I've recommended Andie to a number of people who now train with her as well"

Dave K - "I've been working with Andie for a few weeks now and I can already say she has and will continue to help change my life. When I first submitted my request for a trainer on this site, she was the first response and I believe it was within a couple hours. I could tell from our first exchanged messages that she was exactly what I needed in a trainer. She is someone who actually cares and makes your goals her own. She really takes the time to get to know you so that she can form a plan to best suit your needs. She is very understanding and willing to work around your schedule and budget. If you're new to all of this or unsure of who to go with for a trainer, I say, look no further!"

Lucy Z. - "I've gained some 25 pounds over the past year due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Finally I decided to look up a personal trainer online. I received quotes from few personal trainers in my area, but Andie's profile stood up, she sounded very passionate about her job and genuinely interested in her clients. Also, I considered her experience and knowledge as a body builder being a huge plus. I've had already 4 training sessions with her and I'm loving it! She is very sweet, understanding, knowledgeable and motivating. I'm really impressed how dedicated she is, she makes me feel important, created custom meal plan for me and of course, exercise program. Andie always finds time to answer my questions, even encourages me to ask them, despite of her busy schedule. She is a great professional but an awesome good-hearted person as well."

Bianca G. - "When first searching for a personal trainer, I had no idea what type of trainer I was looking for. All I knew was that I wanted someone who would help me to be a better version of myself.

Andie reached out to me and gave me a very detailed email of what to expect in her training. Without even meeting her, I already felt comfortable and at ease.

When beginning training with Andie, she made everything very clear about where she would like me to be by the end of our training together. She explained how my body worked, and ways to get my body to start functioning better.

I have always hated going to the gym, but every day that I train with Andie, I am excited to go and feel so much more confident with myself. She is motivational, educational, inspirational and one of the most sincere people you will ever meet. She is worth every penny, great with communication and knows what it truly takes to be a trainer and serve her clients to the best of her ability."

Cheryl S. -
"Andie knows how to train! She is knowledgeable, encouraging and tough when she needs to be. She has great communication skills and that includes listening to what the client wants and then explaining in a way that a non professional can understand. I would highly recommend Andie."

- "One of my co-workers referred me to Andie based on his personal training experience with Andie's husband, Heath.  After my initial meeting with Andie, I knew I had found someone that was knowledgeable, understood my needs and had my best interests at heart.  My personal goals included losing weight, tone up and getting my health back on track.  

     When I started with Andie I was 40 pounds overweight, refused to go up to another dress size, ached all over, was constantly tired and looked every bit a 62-year old grandmother! She developed a personalized program for me that combined a daily eating plan, full weight training schedule and an aerobic routine that guaranteed me results within a 4 1/2 month time-frame before my granddaughter's wedding in September.  

     I began training with Andie with an overall commitment of 4 times per week.  I knew after only a few sessions that I would want to continue.  I began seeing results almost immediately that included 10 inches and 10 pounds in the first month!  She adjusted my eating plan several times to accommodate my goals and lifestyle.  She has educated me in the proper way to nourish my body that does not make me feel hungry or deprived.  

     At 62, I really am in the best shape of my life from an external and internal perspective.  While my goal does not include getting a bodybuilder's physique, I found that working with Andie significantly increased my strength, energy and endurance.  

     Since this was my first exposure to a personal trainer and working out with weights, I am very pleased with my progress thus far.  The sessions are always challenging and Andie pushes me far beyond what I could have ever imagined accomplishing at my age and physical ability.  She always provides encouragement by acknowledging a task well done and pushing me with positive words when those last few reps are true character builders!  

     My family and co-workers have noticed the results and commented on the effectiveness of my eating plan and my training program.  Andie conscientiously documents my progress with the daily weight training sessions, timely weight-ins, measurements and pictures.  She is always professional and very focused on me and my goals.  Her patience and positive planning skills are evident even while making the gym workout fun and enjoyable.  I highly recommend Andie as a trainer."

-  "I met with Andie to discuss personal training in order to lose weight and tone up. I found her to be very personable and knowledgeable. When I started with Andie I was 30 pounds over weight, ached all over, tired and looked it!!  She developed a program for me that combined a personalized diet, a full weight training schedule and an aerobic routine. 

     I began training with Andie with a commitment of 6 weeks, 3 times per week. I knew after only a few sessions that I would want to continue. I began to see results immediately and lost 10 pounds in the first 4 weeks. At 54, I am in the best shape of my life.  

     My goal was never to get a body builder physique but I found that working with Andie I had much more strength and endurance than I had ever gained working out on my own. The sessions were always challenging and Andie pushed me far beyond what I would have achieved on my own while respecting when I couldn't go further.     

     People noticed the results almost immediately and commented on how effective my training program was. Andie was always conscientious about spending the full time with me and was very focused on me and my goals. Her patience and clear planning skills come through and she makes the gym enjoyable.  I highly recommend Andie as a trainer." 


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