New Creation Personal Training
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Consider hiring New Creation for 8 to 16 weeks – long enough to learn the nutritional strategies, various fitness principles, equipment technologies and exercise techniques required to become reasonably self-sufficient and to achieve noticeable results. 

Periodic sessions with New Creation will reinforce training habits and help you learn new techniques.


Show your friends and family members that you have made the choice to be different from the 50-60% of Americans that choose to live their lives overweight.


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Weight Loss and Toning

Cardio Conditioning

Muscle Size Development

Endurance Training


Prehab Exercise

Maximal Strength Development

Explosive Power Development

Sports Specific Conditioning

Customized Strength  & Conditioning programs





The 3 keys to success:



Key # 3 - Recovery

     Every individual pursuing a physical fitness goal must understand that if adequate rest and recovery are not being given to the body NO amount of training or dietary manipulation will bring about the desired result.  Rest and recuperation protects the body from excessive levels of everyday stressors and specifically, the stress induced by training.

    Excessive training in which the volume, the intensity, or both are increased too quickly, and without proper progression, will lead to a chronic state of fatigue, as well as significantly decreasing muscle strength.    

        Provided that you get the necessary rest and recuperation (particularly sleep), our training program ensures that both your volume and intensity will gradually, but progressively, be cycled so that your body is able to make continuous progress without injury.  

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