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Specialized Treatment Programs Developed For Individual Needs.


·         Specialized treatment programs developed for individual needs.


·         Learn how to adapt an exercise program.


·         Learn how to recover from an injury and how to prevent future injuries.


Our Services

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Weight Loss and Toning

Cardio Conditioning

Muscle Size Development

Endurance Training


Prehab Exercise

Maximal Strength Development

Explosive Power Development

Sports Specific Conditioning

Customized Strength  & Conditioning programs



The 3 keys to success:

Key # 1 - Training



    Our training philosophy centers around YOU the client.  With our training program the client dictates to us, their trainers, how many "layers of tone" they wish to build on their physique.  When we say "layers of tone", we mean that you will lose that stubborn, unwanted body fat while at the same time building lean, tone muscle.   

    Why is it so important to build lean muscle mass or "layers of tone"?  Dieters frequently lose lean body mass and experience decreases in basal metabolic rate - many times the end result of crash dieting and tons of aerobics is a physique that is just a smaller, flabbier version of the former one.  Stopping or excluding resistance exercise does nothing for maintaining strength, muscle tone, and bone health.  Keeping lean body mass by weight training will help to keep one's metabolism up; the more lean muscle mass one has, the faster the metabolism becomes.   

    Due to our manipulation of both bar weight and bar volume, you can safely achieve any "level of tone" that you desire, depending on your willingness to put forth both the time and effort.  The more layers of tone that one wishes to build, naturally the longer it takes. 

     We are also able to favorably manipulate your layers of tone, both up and down.  We can give you more or less tone by simply manipulating your training volume within your training cycles so that you can achieve whatever look you desire, whenever you want it.

    When combined with your customized nutrition program our training program is GUARANTEED to produce the end result of your fitness goal!

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